Wednesday, May 24, 2006

long survey

A Biography of your Life:
What is todays date?:May 24, 2006
What is the time right now?:1:27 PM EST
~First things first~
Full name::Sara Lyn Mallory
Birth Date::5/2
Education Level::Some College
Where do you live?:Fairfax, VA
Where are you right now?:Work
Where do you work?:Tysons Corner, VA
How many Girl/boy friends have you had?:um, something like 8 or 9
Which do you prefer.. Single or taken::I enjoy aspects of both
Do you want to get married?:probably
---when?:no idea
What about kids... Do you want any??:i think
--- How many?:1 or 2
Name of Elementry School::Fairview
--- Mascott:::Falcon
--- Fav. teacher:::too long ago
--- Fav. Class:::too long ago
--- Fav Activities:::
--- Who were your friends?:michelle and lori
Name of middle school::N/A
--- mascott:::
--- Fav. Teacher:::
--- Fav. Class:::
--- Did you play any sports?:
--- What activities did you participate in?:
--- Who were you close friends?:
Name of High School::Robinson Secondary
--- Mascott::Ram
--- Colors:::Blue and Gold
--- Fav. teacher:::Mr. Mac
--- Fav. Class:::Sr. English
--- Sports Played:::none
--- Any activities/clubs:::
--- Were you a Jock/prep/outkast/loner/Goth/etc:::
--- Fav thing about this school:::
--- What did you despise about this school?:
-Only if you are in college-
What college/University are you attending?:George Mason
--- Mascott:::Patriot
--- Colors:::Green and Gold
--- Major:::Poli Sci
--- Minors:::
--- Are you on a Sports team?:nope
--- Do you live on campus::nope, I did as a freshman
--- You like it?:like what
Do you live in a broken family?:nope
How many siblings do you have?:1
--- Step Siblings?:0
--- Half Siblings?:0
--- Step Parents?:0
Are you guys scattered about or close?:close
Do you have daily traditions?:nope
--- What about holiday traditions?:yep
What is your mom's name?:Carol
--- Her Maiden Name?:whatever, stalker
What is your Dad's name?:Walt
What is your earliest memory?:3rd birthday
What is your favorite memory?:Going to San Francisco with my sister, I think
Have you gone to any concerts?:Many
--- Where was it?:like I said, Many
--- Who did you see?:shit
Where was your first vacation?:Duck, NC i Think
Where have you gone on vacations?:many
What was your favorite vacation?:SF again
~Your Future~
Do you want to live in a city?:yes
How about somewhere rural?:wouldnt mind having a country house
How about somewhere inbetween?:nah, hate the suburbs
Do you have someplace in mind?:i do
--- What is it?:SF
What occupation would you like to have?:writer
--- Do you think you will ever obtain this objective?:maybe
~Political Aspects~
Do you vote?:i do
--- If not, why?:i said i do
Do you take an interest in your goverment?:i do
Do you watch/read the news?:i do
Are you a Republican, Democrat, or Liberal?:liberal. these are strange options
~Your Views~
Abortion:::pro choice
Drugs:::personally anti-drug, but I would never impose that view on anyone
Russia (I personally want to nuke them):::Russia's aight
Terorism:::fuck em? spell it right, geez. Ok, no really, terrorism is bread from societal, cultural, and economic elements that the entire world has contributed to, hello imperialism
Premarital Sex:::hell yeah
Religions:::Im not religious, don't impose yours on me
Hisidic Jews:::I got no problems
George W. Bush:::cataclismic idiocy
Bill Clinton:::far better man
Democracy:::i think we should keep it
Porn:::yeah porn
The Media:::depends on who this "media" is we're talking about. I love the washington post and the ny times
Todays Standards implimented among the kids of today:::um, huh?
Immigration:don't punish those who want to work for a living
~What is your Favorite...~
Tv Show:::The Sopranos
Tv Channel:::HBO
Band:::I can't possibly, too many
Song:::same as above
Cell Phone Brand:::whatever
Soft Drink:::diet coke
Alcoholic Bevarage:::bourbon
Coputer Brand:::computer you mean? I heart macs
Video game:::soul caliber
Game Console:::gamecube
Cereal:::corn pops
Hot Sandwich:::cheeseburger?
City:::san francisco
Country:::ive only been to this one
Shampoo:::aveda shampure
Conditioner:::aveda again
Clothing Brand:::um. marc jacobs
Eye Color:::blue
Hair Color:::blonde
Movie:::Garden State
~Preferences - This or That~
IPOD/Cd Player:::ipod
Cash/ Credit:::cash
Black/ white:::black
Hooded/non hooded:::non
Renting/Movie Theatre:::either
Short/Long hair:::short
To Love/To fool around:::either =)
Day and Time done?:May 24 1:39 pm
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You've been totally Bzoink*d

Thursday, September 22, 2005

100 things about me

A work in progress:

1) I would gladly have miso soup for three meals a day for at least a week. I like it THAT much

2) I have read every issue of the following magazines every month for the last five years: Vogue, Elle, Bazaar, W, Marie Claire, Allure, Glamour, Vanity Fair, and Jane(since it came out). Seriously.

3) I was a competitive gymnast until I was 14. No, can't even do a split anymore.

4) I look exactly like my father. Except for my hair, which is exactly like my mom's.

5) My sister and I were polar opposites and fought constantly until she left for college. She is now my favorite person.

6)I have been in love twice.

7)I have been in lust at least 10 times.

8)My favorite place in the world is the base of my tree in Cherokee Park in Louisville, KY.

9)I have been playing the violin for 19 years.

10) I have been a salesperson, retail manager, and am currently a recruiter by profession, have been very successful in all these endeavors, yet..I am very shy about talking to people I don't know

11) I hate both hard pretzels and jelly beans

12) I love to do crosswords, and I do them in ink. Mistakes be damned

13) I like hot dogs with just ketchup

14) I have a birthmark on my left thigh that looks like a hickey

15) My first word was cat

16) I've seen every episode of Sex and the City at least twice

17) I have three tattoos

18) Everyone thought I was stuck up in high school, but I was just a shy little girl

19) My first drink was a bottle of Sam Adams split three ways between me and my friends Lori and Michelle

20)When you're not looking, at 3 or 4 or just 1 in the morning, I will just pass the fuck out. No flopping about. Just out.

21)I have 10 pairs of sleepy pants, aka sweatpants or comfies, mostly stolen

22)I totally wish I knew about every new good band before everyone else, and I tend to believe I discovered certain bands when in fact, I did not. Like Kasabian.

23)I really really love school and office supplies.

24)My style has like, soooo totally improved, you know?

25)Noone understands me but my kitty

26. I shop when I'm bored. Groceries, clothes, house stuff, whatever really. I spend much less money when Im busy.

27. I am a nomad, but only in my head. I plan on moving somewhere new at least once a week. For the past 4 months, that place has been San something...Diego, Francisco. I like both of those names.

28. Speaking of names, if I have a daughter, I will name her Georgia. Assuming my husband is cool with that. I blame my father and his frequent renditions of "Georgia on my mind" for this.

29. I am very girly when it comes to some things, mainly: hair (highlights, no stylist too pricey, only the best products, and lots of em), skin (I have an exfoliant and lotion problem), and shoes. Not much for the mani, though I do enjoy the pedi.

30. Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy is the best movie I have seen in a very long time. I ain't kidding.

31. I drink much more diet coke than your average bear.

32. I can sing, but I probably won't.

33. I never go to the library, I only buy books. And I buy a lot.

34. I dated a man who named our cat Snuggles.

35. I had braces for three years. I did not wear my retainer. The bottom teeth are really crooked again.

36. I had braces for three years because I sucked my thumb til I was 9.

37. I high school, I was both a stoner and a National Merit Finalist.

38. My first car was a 1984 Plymouth Reliant station wagon, grey. I looooved that car.

39. If I'm having wine, it's Pinot Grigio.

40. My first real memory is my 3rd birthday party. Cookie monster cake by Mom.

41. I've been in college for 10 years. Shut up.

42. I put Hot Mustard sauce on my McNuggets. This is an evolution from 1) honey and then 2) ketchup. Hot Mustard is the shizzy.

43. I listen to NPR every day on my commute home.

44. My bicycle has a name, and that name is Bikemon. Like Pokemon. It's bright yellow.

45. I will say with absolute certainty that my favorite song is many many different songs. Just put a few beers in me and give me the Wonderland jukebox. Or Appetite for Destruction.

46. Music is a very important part of my life. I seriously could not date someone who loves country or Top 40. I don't think that's shallow, its just how it is.

47. Speaking of music, I think a mix tape is the most thoughtful present you can give.

48. Murky coffee is my favorite.

49) On the occasion of visiting a deli, I will order a BLT absolutely 100% of the time.

50) Laguna Beach is fascinating to me. I love those silly kids.

51) I have very impressively misshapen baby toes. I wore heels every day 12 hours a day for two years. It happens.

52) My perfect day includes coffee, going buck-wild in a bookstore, sitting in a city park, great conversation, napping, and a couple of glasses of wine.

53) I am extremely sensitive in some situations, and almost callously uncaring in others.

54) I have a freckle on my lower lip. It rocks. I mostly wear clear lip gloss, dont like to cover it up.

55) I dont know why they make any underwear but thongs. I also dont know why I never cared about VPL before the advent of the thong. Maybe I was too young.

56) I dont much care for team sports, but I keep thinking I do. I sign up for stuff all the time.

57) I still love cartoons.

58) I am stubborn as a mule.
59) I talk a lot about politics, sometimes Im just going with a general feeling, which leads to me talking out of my ass, sometimes I really know whats up. I get in fights about it. I did study poli sci, and I ingest an insane amount of info - I do have SOME credibility.

60) Watching or listening to POTUS Bush Part Deux makes me physically uncomfortable.

61) Guess what? Im a liberal. But I would like to think that if I was a conservative, I would still think Bush Deuce is a dum-dum stupid head.

62) Im a big fat sucker for green eyes

63) I also like boys' feet, but not in a fetishy way. I just like em.

64) I pierced my nipple when I was 17 with a sewing needle and a cork. I was not particularly bright at that age.

65) Same as above, but belly-button....twice.

66) I shook at least 100 people's hands today, and talked non stop for 3 hours. Job fairs. Sheesh.

67) I am pro-choice.

68) I have no tolerance for people who don't exercise their right to vote, then complain about the government.

69) I also have no tolerance for close-minded people, or hateful people, racist people, or willfully ignorant people.

70) I love tater tots, they are totally freakin awesome

71) I'm scared of long-term commitment, i.e. marriage. This is a new one for me. Dunno what happened.

72) I know how to change a tire and change the oil.

73) I still pay other people to do it

74) Im kind of a slob sometimes. Neat freaky at other times. Im bi-polar like that.

75) I cant believe I still have 25 more things - yet there is SO much more to know about me!

76) you cant make me do it. whatever it is

77) Im slowly turning into an insomniac

78) i find nirvana in a perfect pair of jeans

79) i loooooove breyers chocolate ice cream

80) I love the Red Sox, UK BB, and UofL FB lots lots lots

81) I've never been part of a cool girl clique until RIGHT NOW. and now its immature

82) I blush when I speak in or in front of groups

83) I wear glasses at work

84) I sleep on the couch sometimes, for no real reason

85) My stomach gets upset after 75% of meals. Yes it does suck.

86) I love hefenweisen. Or however its spelled today.

87) I will never own a car with an automatic transmission. Never.

88) My biggest flaw is reluctance to take action. I am a huge procrastinator.