Wednesday, May 24, 2006

long survey

A Biography of your Life:
What is todays date?:May 24, 2006
What is the time right now?:1:27 PM EST
~First things first~
Full name::Sara Lyn Mallory
Birth Date::5/2
Education Level::Some College
Where do you live?:Fairfax, VA
Where are you right now?:Work
Where do you work?:Tysons Corner, VA
How many Girl/boy friends have you had?:um, something like 8 or 9
Which do you prefer.. Single or taken::I enjoy aspects of both
Do you want to get married?:probably
---when?:no idea
What about kids... Do you want any??:i think
--- How many?:1 or 2
Name of Elementry School::Fairview
--- Mascott:::Falcon
--- Fav. teacher:::too long ago
--- Fav. Class:::too long ago
--- Fav Activities:::
--- Who were your friends?:michelle and lori
Name of middle school::N/A
--- mascott:::
--- Fav. Teacher:::
--- Fav. Class:::
--- Did you play any sports?:
--- What activities did you participate in?:
--- Who were you close friends?:
Name of High School::Robinson Secondary
--- Mascott::Ram
--- Colors:::Blue and Gold
--- Fav. teacher:::Mr. Mac
--- Fav. Class:::Sr. English
--- Sports Played:::none
--- Any activities/clubs:::
--- Were you a Jock/prep/outkast/loner/Goth/etc:::
--- Fav thing about this school:::
--- What did you despise about this school?:
-Only if you are in college-
What college/University are you attending?:George Mason
--- Mascott:::Patriot
--- Colors:::Green and Gold
--- Major:::Poli Sci
--- Minors:::
--- Are you on a Sports team?:nope
--- Do you live on campus::nope, I did as a freshman
--- You like it?:like what
Do you live in a broken family?:nope
How many siblings do you have?:1
--- Step Siblings?:0
--- Half Siblings?:0
--- Step Parents?:0
Are you guys scattered about or close?:close
Do you have daily traditions?:nope
--- What about holiday traditions?:yep
What is your mom's name?:Carol
--- Her Maiden Name?:whatever, stalker
What is your Dad's name?:Walt
What is your earliest memory?:3rd birthday
What is your favorite memory?:Going to San Francisco with my sister, I think
Have you gone to any concerts?:Many
--- Where was it?:like I said, Many
--- Who did you see?:shit
Where was your first vacation?:Duck, NC i Think
Where have you gone on vacations?:many
What was your favorite vacation?:SF again
~Your Future~
Do you want to live in a city?:yes
How about somewhere rural?:wouldnt mind having a country house
How about somewhere inbetween?:nah, hate the suburbs
Do you have someplace in mind?:i do
--- What is it?:SF
What occupation would you like to have?:writer
--- Do you think you will ever obtain this objective?:maybe
~Political Aspects~
Do you vote?:i do
--- If not, why?:i said i do
Do you take an interest in your goverment?:i do
Do you watch/read the news?:i do
Are you a Republican, Democrat, or Liberal?:liberal. these are strange options
~Your Views~
Abortion:::pro choice
Drugs:::personally anti-drug, but I would never impose that view on anyone
Russia (I personally want to nuke them):::Russia's aight
Terorism:::fuck em? spell it right, geez. Ok, no really, terrorism is bread from societal, cultural, and economic elements that the entire world has contributed to, hello imperialism
Premarital Sex:::hell yeah
Religions:::Im not religious, don't impose yours on me
Hisidic Jews:::I got no problems
George W. Bush:::cataclismic idiocy
Bill Clinton:::far better man
Democracy:::i think we should keep it
Porn:::yeah porn
The Media:::depends on who this "media" is we're talking about. I love the washington post and the ny times
Todays Standards implimented among the kids of today:::um, huh?
Immigration:don't punish those who want to work for a living
~What is your Favorite...~
Tv Show:::The Sopranos
Tv Channel:::HBO
Band:::I can't possibly, too many
Song:::same as above
Cell Phone Brand:::whatever
Soft Drink:::diet coke
Alcoholic Bevarage:::bourbon
Coputer Brand:::computer you mean? I heart macs
Video game:::soul caliber
Game Console:::gamecube
Cereal:::corn pops
Hot Sandwich:::cheeseburger?
City:::san francisco
Country:::ive only been to this one
Shampoo:::aveda shampure
Conditioner:::aveda again
Clothing Brand:::um. marc jacobs
Eye Color:::blue
Hair Color:::blonde
Movie:::Garden State
~Preferences - This or That~
IPOD/Cd Player:::ipod
Cash/ Credit:::cash
Black/ white:::black
Hooded/non hooded:::non
Renting/Movie Theatre:::either
Short/Long hair:::short
To Love/To fool around:::either =)
Day and Time done?:May 24 1:39 pm
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